Eric & Amanda Maule

I cannot speak highly enough of Ben Munson and his mom Memorie. They helped us with our first home purchase several years ago. Although we had searched a great deal on Zillow for houses, the one we eventually purchased did not come up. Both of them were very helpful in choosing a  well-constructed house in a quiet area that has served our growing family well, giving us great value in such a significant investment.

We were very impressed with Memorie when we met her six years ago while looking at apartments in the Williamsburg area, so she was our first choice when we eventually decided to settle down here. Both Ben and Memorie have continued a connection with our family including advice on whether home additions would add value to the house and advice on investment properties. Listen to their advice closely as they have great judgement, do their homework, know the area, and truly care about their clients.

— Eric &Amanda Maule